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Amber, 24, is obsessed with tattoos and has covered her entire body in ink.


One of the biggest advantages of adulthood is that you can do whatever you want (as long as you stay within the law, of course). You can wear whatever you want and look however you want.

Amber Luke is a girl who has taken her individuality to the next level, without caring one bit what others think of her.

This 24-year-old Australian girl has set herself the goal of having her entire body covered in tattoos before the age of 25. And now she’s one step closer – she’s inked her breasts, reports the Daily Star.

Amber’s journey to cover herself with tattoos began at the age of 16. Her love of ink was something that changed her whole life.

Over the years, Amber has covered her entire body in tattoos.

She really went out of her way to get as much ink as possible. She covered most of her body with tattoos.


It hasn’t been a smooth process, last year when he got her eyes tattooed, things almost ended horribly.

“Unfortunately, my artist dug too deep into my eyeball. I was blind for three weeks. It was pretty brutal”.

The alternative model also revealed that she suffers from mental illness. She is currently training to become a counsellor – she hopes to help others with similar problems in the future.

“Society is so full of hatred and invalid opinions about you and what you look like… I’m studying for a counselling degree just so I can help people with mental illness,” Amber told the Daily Star.

Next on the list are his thighs. But Amber is already thinking about getting her entire left arm tattooed black.

But of course Amber wasn’t always covered in ink.


Just a few days ago she shared a photo from her previous life, which revealed that she looked like a blonde.

The photo from 5 years ago really shows the incredible transformation she has undergone!

“5 years difference. Let me tell you something… I got a ‘floating neck’ tattoo when I was 20. I had no face, hand or chest tattoos. Just a big chunk on the back of my neck. I got so much hate for what I did. I decided at the age of 20 to say ‘I don’t care, I can do what I want’ and went for it,” she wrote.

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