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A photographer has found the people he photographed 40 years ago and now they look completely different


Chris Porsz is a long-time street photographer. In the early 1980s he took many vivid photos of strangers. After 40 years, Porsz decided to look for the people in his photos. Thus the “Reunions” series was born. This allows us to compare the same people in the same places, years apart. This series has been published as a book, and a part of the money from it will be donated by Porsz to breast cancer research.


Chris Porsz spent 10 years trying to find the man he took a photo of in 1981.

Hospital workers at lunch in 1983 and 2020

The first photo was taken in 1981 – the girls waiting for the bus. They hadn’t seen each other since leaving school and met for the first time in 32 years to take a photo together.


Friends standing by the street sign where they all lived in 1980, and their photo together from 2021

A boy dressed as a chimney sweep in a costume contest in 1981 – this is what he looks like now.

Brothers and sisters, 1991 and 2021

An ice cream vendor and a customer, 1982 and 2021.


1982 and 2020

These brothers worked in a shop between 1979 and 1996. Now retired, they were happy to return to stand behind the counter for this photo.

The 1985 photo shows the girls celebrating their graduation. In the 2021 picture, they were again on a roller coaster.

This is what the 1980 recreated Christmas photo looks like

A friend asked Chris to take a photo of his sons. This is what they look like now.

A father and his daughters, in 1994 and 2021.


Chris photographed this guy in 1980 next to his neighbour’s car. It wasn’t easy to find a similar Ford Cortina in 2021, but the photographer and his model took on the task.

Brothers and sisters in 1980 and now

This guy was working as a street cleaner in 1989. Chris Porsz took a photo of him and his new cleaning machine in 2020


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