There are very few magicians in the world – only one in 25,000 people knows how to perform a magic trick, and if you read the following article, you could be one of them.

We’ve put together some really brilliant tricks and explain how you can perform them in front of your family and friends. Go on, impress them and just enjoy!

9. Darcy Oake’s pigeon stunt

In season 8 of Britain’s Got Talent, Canadian magician Darcy Oake shocked the audience with her many stunts with pigeons. During one such trick, a pigeon emerged from a burning feather. How did he do it? Simple!

The pen that Darcy held up before lighting it was, in fact, a special kind of paper known as “red paper”. It is usually used by magicians when they want to achieve a big flame quickly in order to hide their lightning-fast moves from the audience. That’s exactly what Darcy did: he used the fire to quickly remove the pigeon from a secret pocket in his sleeve.

8. The card that comes up


The magician asks a spectator to choose a card at random from the deck and then put it back. After the magician’s magic moves, the card suddenly emerges from the deck. What is the secret?

When placing the card back in the deck, the magician is able to move the card face up thanks to a special technique.

7. Can on the card

In this trick, the magician somehow manages to stop a can on a card. This trick may seem absolutely impossible at first, but in truth it is one of the easiest tricks that beginners can easily master.


If you take a closer look from another view, you will notice that the card is actually T-shaped. You can easily make this tricky card at home by gluing two ordinary cards together to form the letter “T”. Now you can try to stop a tin can or plastic bottle on top of your card.

6. Phone in a bottle

A famous street trick: the magician holds some plastic bottles or other containers in his hands and shows everyone that it’s just an ordinary empty bottle, and even gives it to someone to prove it. Then the magician asks for someone’s phone, 1-2-3, and the phone magically penetrates the wall of the jar and goes inside.

How is this possible? You can do this trick in several ways. In one of the most popular methods, the magician wears a special finger guard with a small but sharp blade. After showing the audience around that the glass is intact, he quickly cuts a strip of glass large enough to push the phone through. There’s no magic here, just a lightweight sleight of hand.

5. Twisted iPhone

Dynamo, the famous magician, performed this trick on the street and shocked the audience. He took the iPhone of a spectator and magically twisted the middle of it. Is that possible?

In truth, it’s a pretty simple trick. The magician prepared the back of an iPhone and quickly placed it on the screen during the performance. Dynamo showed the back of the iPhone to the audience and then covered the device with both hands. From the front, it might look like he actually twisted the phone, but in truth he didn’t destroy any iPhones that day.


4. Jamie Raven’s lemon trick

Britain’s Got Talent also featured another extremely talented magician. In his final trick, Jamie Raven revealed that inside the lemon, which had been in front of one of the judges, Alesha, throughout the show, was a quirky note signed by the singer earlier. How did he do it?

When Alesha signed the note, Jamie folded it up and showed it to the audience. As he folded the note, he held another piece of paper in his hand and swapped the two pieces of paper with frightening speed. With the signed banknote in hand, he asked Alesha for the small packet hidden in the boxes, and as he took out the lemon, he stuck the signed banknote in with incredible speed. When Alesha took his signature out of the cut lemon, Jamie quickly closed the lemon, as there was actually a hole in the bottom of the lemon, and stuck the note in.

3. Turn water into ice in one second

The magician pours water into a cup and a moment later it has turned into an ice cube.

The cup already has an ice cube in it, plus a sponge of the same colour as the cup, which you attach to the bottom of the cup in some way so that when you pour the water in, the sponge soaks it up. When the magician turns the cup upside down, the ice cube falls out into his hand, while the water stays in the sponge.

2. Through the wall

On stage there is a very real looking wall. The magician is softening up on one side of the wall, while his assistants hide him with a special frame with wheels. An exactly similar structure is placed on the other side of the wall. A few seconds later, the magician is on the other side of the wall.

While it may seem like a Hogwarts magic trick, it’s actually quite simple. A special “V” shaped channel runs under the wall, which is why viewers who examine the wall will find nothing. The magician only needs a fraction of a second to get under the wall to the other side.

1. David Copperfield’s death saw stunt

David Copperfield is one of the world’s most famous magicians. One of his favourite tricks was the death saw stunt, where he would actually cut himself in half with a huge saw blade.

Copperfield’s lower body was secured by an assistant. Together, they appeared to be a single person. The secret of the trick lay in the tables beneath them, and the tiny hole between the two tables could easily have been cut in two by the blade. Copperfield’s legs and the upper part of the assistant’s body were hidden in the tables beneath them.


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