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8 stars who see no point in taking a shower every day


Showering too often can make your hair look greasy, dry your skin and even damage your reproductive organs. Celebrities are used to looking immaculate, but some of them believe that bathing too often can do more harm than good. Some of our favourites only shower every few days, others only wash certain parts of their bodies.


1. Robert Pattinson

The star of the Twilight movies says it’s unnecessary to wash your hair every day. He admits that he goes a long time without washing his hair, waiting up to 6 weeks between washes. “I don’t really see the point of washing my hair,” he said.


2. Kristen Bell


The actress admits that it’s pointless to shower until you’re uncomfortable with your own smell.

3. Charlize Theron

The Oscar-winning actress always looks enviable, but she said it can take her up to 7 days between showers. “I’m a tough girl, I can go a week without a bath. I have no problem with that,” she said.


4 Taylor Swift


Our feet produce a significant amount of sweat every day, so it’s worth washing them daily. But Taylor Swift thinks it’s unnecessary. In an interview, she said that she doesn’t wash her feet separately when she showers because she shaves them, and she thinks shaving cream is worth as much as soap.


5. Shia LaBeouf

Many actors undergo drastic transformations for the sake of a role, and Shia LaBeouf is no exception. During the filming of The Wrath, he didn’t shower for weeks to get better for the role.


6. Jake Gyllenhaal

The Beyond Friendship star says it’s better for your skin if you don’t shower every day. “More and more I feel like bathing is less necessary. But bad breath gets you nowhere, so I brush my teeth regularly. But I think not bathing is very beneficial for skin care, it helps keep the pH balance healthy and the body cleanses itself naturally.”


7. Ashton Kutcher


You’ve probably heard that Ashton Kutcher and his wife Mila Kunis don’t bathe their kids unless they think they’re really dirty. The actor also revealed that he doesn’t wash his whole body every day either. “I wash my armpits and groin, but nothing else. I have a soap, I use that, nothing else.”


8. Kim Kardashian

Like Robert Pattinson, the reality star only has hair every 5 days. “I don’t wash my hair every day. The first day I blow dry it, the second day I comb it into a messier style, then I flat iron it, and the third day it’s nice and smooth because you need a little bit of grease in the hair for that. On the fourth day you can do the ponytail and on the fifth day you wash your hair.”



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