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24 rarely seen photos from the past that show history from a completely different perspective


No matter how many history books you read or how many interesting stories you heard from your grandparents, they will never be able to tell the story of the past in as much detail and spectacle as the photographs that capture it. That’s why the photos we’ve collected are so brilliant, because they can help us take an impromptu trip back in time to the not so distant past.

1.A Soviet kindergarten where children were put to sleep in the yard even in the middle of winter, in 1958.

2. Hungarian girls in the 60s.

3.Vibratory therapy with sound waves or ear ringing using the “dog bite with hair” principle, 1880.

4.The nervous Ferenc Puskás kicking a Feyenoord fan in the balls in Rotterdam in 1967.


5.In 1962, a train ran over the tracks at Nyugati station, broke through the glass and came to a stop on what was then Lenin Boulevard.

6.This is what Bonnie and Clyde’s shot-up car looked like in 1934.

7.This is how prams were transported on buses in New Zealand in 1955.


8.The construction of the Elisabeth Bridge in 1964.

9.The day Sweden switched from left-hand to right-hand traffic in 1967.

10. At noon on 4 November 1944, the mined Margaret Bridge accidentally exploded and the bridge collapsed into the Danube. 100 p

11.Dohany shop in Budapest in the 60s and 70s.

12.Mary, the execution of the circus elephant in 1916. The unfortunate animal killed a hired trainer in a fit of rage in front of an audience. For this he was sentenced to public execution. The event would have been horrific in itself, but the elephant fell and broke its pelvis first. It was lifted a second time and after a long period of suffering, it was released.

13.Boy hiding ice cream from girls in 1949, who is being hidden behind…😄


14.Snowball dealer, 1983.

15.Portland lumberjacks, 1915.

16.Driving school, 1953.

17.The skier Fridtjof Nansen (Norwegian polar explorer) and his wife, 1890.

18. In early 1945, a glider carrying flour crashed into a building at 73 Attila Street. The pilot died a horrible death.

19 Kazakh children playing near a yurt tent, 1921.

20.Brothers and sisters: the Olympic (left) and the Titanic (right), 6 March 1912, Belfast.

21.A New York policeman’s stunt in Times Square, 1920.

22. Tom Hanks, at the start of filming of Forrest Gump, 1990.

23.The fuel price hike in 1990 caused a big stir.

24.Blaha Lujza Square, Corvin Department Store, 1940.



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