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21 annoying human habits that make you want to run away from the world


Among many other things, one of the things that distinguishes us from animals is our ability to live our lives in a civilised way, according to different norms and rules. At least for the vast majority of humans, but there are rebels who, by stripping themselves of their dignity, break these rules – day in, day out. The funny thing is, of course, that most of these are tiny little things that shouldn’t even be allowed to move our threshold, but they happen again and again in our daily lives, and slowly, little by little, they help us to have a nervous breakdown.

1 “This is what my friend’s computer desktop looks like. Is that human?!”

2 “My wife uses our toothpaste like this every f***ing morning…”

3 “This is how my wife opens the dishes when she does something in the kitchen.”

4 “My brother’s mates came over and put their shoes down like this… Are they normal?!”


5Painting the parking lot is always done for a reason.

6 “My husband asked if he could have a taste and I said yes. And he…”

7 “My boyfriend is probably a psychopath: he opens pills at random…”


8 “My friend keeps a photo of his toilet in his toilet.”

9What kind of person would put the eggshell back in the egg carton?!😂

10 “This is what a ‘blackboard wipe’ looks like at our teacher’s…”

11 “My mother probably set a record for the number of unread emails…”

12 “My boyfriend is probably not a hundred: this is how he starts eating his pizza slice.”

13 “I married a monster!”


14 “The one good thing about a re-sealable chocolate biscuit is that it’s re-sealable. However, my wife seems to be sh*t on this one…”

15A person who eats KitKat like this has little respect for the concept of chocolate.

16 “My 9-year-old son’s wallet. It’s obvious that he didn’t have to work for this money, otherwise he would respect it more…”

17Parking attendant.

18 “My boyfriend eats Magnum like this.”

19 “Anarchy at work: our new colleague decided to try them all…”

20 “I think this would be a good argument in a divorce case…”

21 “My colleague eats tangerines as if they were apples…”


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