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20 pictures to help you remember iconic moments from the 90s


In the process of writing this article, we at the Nemkund shed several litres of nostalgic tears ourselves, especially when we realised how much worse the surprises in Kinder eggs are than in the 90s.

1. Which did you collect: the hippo or the penguin Kinder egg toys?

2. Probably everyone had a collection of Disney cartoons like this on VHS tapes.

3. It was the “Pokémon catching” moment of our youth.

4 “I freaked out and ordered myself one of these 120 lollipop Chupa Chups stands. I don’t need one at all, and I don’t really know where to put one, but 25 years ago I would have done anything for one.”


5. To check the charge level of the battery, we had to press with full force.

6. We are old now, we have our own family, but we still don’t understand how the game works.


7. “I went to my grandma’s house and found the stickers I used to bring home from school as a kid and stick on the closet door.”


8. “I bought this nostalgic Mekis highchair at a flea market. worth every penny.”

9. In the 90s, many of us had a TV set like this.

10. We drank our soft drinks in disgust when we saw the words “no win” or “try again” on the cap.

11 “An old lady brought in to have this phone repaired. I remembered my youth, my first job. I cried, I fixed it, but I didn’t take any money from her.”

12 You probably also had a CD holder like this.

13. It’s good to see that McDonald’s restaurants have aged with us, and like us, their cheerful cheerfulness has been replaced by a grey depression.


14. These were real coffee spoons!

15. We cared for and looked after our virtual pet.

16. Modern children no longer understand this dilemma.

17. Children today don’t know what it’s like to live your life counting in your head how many pictures you can take with your camera.

18. This was the best phone game.

19. We had handwritten notes for video game cheats.

20. If we needed to contact someone, we started the search here.


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