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20 photos that prove South Korea is a different world with its own rules


Korean cosmetic brands are famous worldwide, but they are no match for the popularity of local bands. Travellers and Koreans themselves have such amazing stories to tell about this country that we want to see it for ourselves.

“In South Korea, you get a special waterproof body temperature sticker on the beach.”

“If it gets too yellow, you have to take your temperature again at the beach entrance.”


Careful! There are cats here!

Sauron will appear soon.


“In South Korea they put traffic lights on the ground so that people who are looking at their phones can see the light.”

“I love Korea and the regular updates on how close it is to the toilet. I need an update every 3 metres or so.”

“I took these pictures in the same place last year. 4 seasons in Korea!”


“This is the building where the number 4 is replaced by an “F” for the fourth floor, because the number 4 is bad luck.”

“These are solar-powered benches here in Seoul, South Korea, with USB ports and wireless chargers.”

“I walk past these every day on my way home from work.”

“Just another casual lunch in Sochi”

The view of Seoul is amazing.


Zobraziť tento príspevok na Instagrame


Príspevok, ktorý zdieľa Seoul Timelapse Hyperlapse (@jongmoseo)

“From Seoul to Busan for $40 while you’re almost lying down? With chargers, table and footrest? Sure, why not!”


Bongeunsa Temple at night

“Perfect. I’ve always wanted to brush my teeth with hot pasta sauce.”

“I found Totoro on the side of the road!”

“Dongguk University, Seoul campus, in the month of Buddha’s birthday”

“A Supercharger V3 charger in Kuroku, Seoul, one of the newest chargers installed in South Korea”

“I was walking in the old neighborhoods of Seoul and there is something about this golden light that is so soothing.”

“I recently moved to Korea, and while driving this weekend I saw a sign saying “Welcome to the Tomb of Queen Sondok!”

“A small Seoul restaurant in the snowfall”

Want to travel to South Korea? Maybe you’ve been there and have something interesting to say about the country!


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