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20+ people who took advice from internet users and changed their hairstyle


The decision to radically change your style is always a difficult one. Some people are inspired by the example of celebrities, others are advised by relatives or friends to change their hairstyle. It’s especially the daring who take advice from strangers on the internet. Because another person might notice things that we don’t.

“I had long hair for more than 7 years. But I definitely prefer my new hairstyle – it’s wavy and dries faster. “

“I was afraid my face was too round for a short hairstyle. Thank you for encouraging me. “

“I was inspired by your advice and got the shortest hairstyle of my life. I donated my hair to a charity that makes wigs for children.”

“I swore I’d never go blonde again, but here we are again.”


“I’m really glad I listened to you and cut my bangs.”

“Thanks for your advice. I love this hairstyle. “

“I did it. I asked for advice on hairstyle as a TikTok girl, and here’s my before and after look. “


“Thanks to everyone who advised me to go for a brighter hair colour.”

“I had my hair cut and offered it up – it was about 19 inches long.

“I took some of the advice, and some of it I skipped. Here is the result. “

“I wanted to cut off the dyed ends of my hair, but I couldn’t decide which hairstyle to choose. Thanks to everyone who suggested the pixie.”

“I took the plunge and got bangs.”

“I was a bit nervous when I decided to cut my hair so short. But then I realised that if I didn’t like it, it would grow back in a few years. “


I never wanted bangs, but I got them because of the publicity.”

“I swear I can smile (just kidding). My own experiment with my dying hair.”

“I have a problem – now I’m obsessed with my hair.”

“After I got your advice, I got bangs. Not the best job, but c’est la vie. “

“After years of thinning, I finally decided to cut my hair.”

“Thank you to everyone who explained to me how to correctly give the right shade to the hair using the balayage technique.”

“I impulsively cut my hair at home. Do you think it should be even shorter?

“I had my hair cut and bleached, then dyed pink. Have I gone too far?”



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