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20 heartbreaking photos that make even a freezing day feel hotter


Imagine what the world would be like if every person did just one small good deed every day! How many billions of people would smile more often? The heroes of our article are well aware of this and do everything they can to make this world a better place: a father builds a snow castle for his wheelchair-bound daughter, a grandfather asks his wife to marry him again, and a child gives back the price of his ice cream to help pay the bills. Just some of the wonderful gestures that have undoubtedly made this world a better place… ❤

1They are happy because all the dogs are adopted.

2 “My 11-year-old sister and her Christmas present.”

3A moment when a little girl realises her father, who works thousands of miles away, is video-phoning her from his living room.

4This goose went over and covered the dripping puppy with its wings.


5″15 years ago, my mother lost her diamond engagement ring, so she didn’t wear a ring on her finger for most of their marriage. Today my father surprised her with a new ring.”

6The little boy is reunited with his stray cat.

7He gave his scarf to someone who needed it more.


8The kids’ favorite gym teacher wore her Jordan 13 sneakers to tears, so the kids gave her a brand new pair for Christmas.

10Tom Hanks came into this restaurant for lunch, paid for everyone’s lunch and took selfies with fans.

11This little boy brings food and drink to his favourite bins every Tuesday.

12 Sometimes kindness is in the little things.

13 “My brother used to make Harry Potter wands for 4th grade kids who wanted to buy them from him with play money.”

14 “My friend Greg built a wheelchair-accessible snow castle for his handicapped daughter.”


15The newlyweds asked the grandmothers to be their bridesmaids.

16This woman was on the phone applying for a job and the man sitting next to her (Rahm Emanuel – Mayor of Chicago) took the phone from her and put in a good word for her.

17The little boy gave back the price of his ice cream to help his mother who was paying the bills.

18When someone else’s comfort is even more important than our own – that’s true love.

19This big girl was rewarded with a bag of dog food for being so good at donating blood.

20Now and then it’s better to remind everyone.



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