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20+ funny pictures that sum up family life perfectly


Family – that’s what we call people who are always ready to lend a helping hand, to share your happiness and sorrow when you need it most, and… to surprise you at any moment. From witty husband-wife jokes to thoughtful and carefully crafted pranks, they continue to prove that family is the best part of life.

1 “My wife asked me which colour I liked best.”

2 “Year 4 at my wife’s family reunion.” (CJ’s husband)

3 “Marriage is about compromise. For example, I didn’t really want a dog. My wife did. So we compromised … And here’s our new puppy, Copper.”

4I had to borrow my wife’s phone…she said her password was our anniversary. I gave the phone back and said I don’t know what happened.”


5 “A guy I know from work took his sons to Hooters (ed: a chain of restaurants famous for their big-boned, pretty waitresses) for the first time and this is what he got.”

6 “Today I dropped a fortune cookie in my wife’s lunch and she angrily sent me this picture. It’s like I’m the only one who controls the goodie bag inside the cookies and I chose this one on purpose.”

7Our version of “Follow me” for photos.


8 “My husband proudly told me he was making a bed frame. Turns out it’s for our cat.”

9 “I won’t put the toilet seat down, he said.”

10 “Proud father moment: my wife took my daughter dress shopping. She came home with this!”

11 “I broke the toilet seat, so I told my wife.”

12 “It’s a birthday present from my wife because I eat too much cereal anytime, day or night.”

13 “My wife was sad that she had to leave on Sake’s (the redhead) first birthday. So I sent her this.”


14 “My husband was angry with me this morning, so he decided to just make his part of the bed.”

15 “My brother’s wife had a baby yesterday, so it was announced.”

16Family life can sometimes be exhausting.

17 “I wanted to celebrate and announce my amazing Father’s Day present from my wife. There’s no better way to do that than a sexy photo shoot.”

18 “While my wife was at work today, I had fun adding a few things to our daughter’s Magic SleepSuit pajamas.”

19 “That’s how my daughter solved the problem of paper money not fitting through the opening of the piggy bank.”

20 “My daughter complained that the bagel wouldn’t fit in the toaster, so I told her to cut it in half…”

21Dad tried to support his wife during childbirth.

22 “I didn’t know that my wife had hidden the kids’ Christmas presents in the car, so I was very surprised when I looked in the rear-view mirror.”

23 “My wife asked me to hard-boil some eggs, but not all of them.”

24 “Today my wife sent me a photo of her not sleeping alone even when I’m working the night shift.”

25 “My wife is 155 cm and I’m 200 cm – as far as hotel robes go, one size does not fit all.”

26 “I think my wife is trying to tell me something…”

27 “I told my little brother he could eat half the grapes.”


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