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20 crazy, but somehow brilliant ideas that people have come up with in the shower


There’s no doubt that in today’s hectic world, time in the shower is a time when we can get a bit of alone time with our thoughts and put aside the stress of the day to think about crazy nonsense we probably wouldn’t have time for otherwise. And sometimes, out of the millions of crazy thoughts we have, one or two of them become so viable that we want to share them with the world. The following people have done just that, and we can’t help but agree with their bold, absurd and crazy, but in some ways endlessly brilliant ideas.

1) Catching a fish and releasing it back to the fish can be like us humans being “abducted” and then brought back by aliens. @rotten_miracles

2) If there were no elevators, penthouses would probably be occupied by poor people @SuspiciouslyElven

3) You usually don’t realize how much you have to fart until you’re with a person for an extended period of time who doesn’t dare fart in front of you. @OmarHunting

4) Teachers like to say that school isn’t for sleeping and talking, but if you go along that train of thought, then home isn’t for homework and studying @RussellEG14

5) It must have been a huge relief for the first person to smoke helium when it finally wore off. @marchillo

6) Security measures at airports are almost too meticulous. At least until baggage claim – where everyone takes the suitcase they want. @PainMatrix

7) The awkward moment when two people are talking in a text message and both stop typing when they see the other is writing is the online version of walking in the same direction several times in a row trying to avoid the person walking in front of you from the same direction. @Grabatreetron


8) How lucky we are that our bodies need sleep, otherwise we would have 16-20 hour work days @TenOunceCan

9) It’s important to always wear appropriate sportswear when running, so people can see it’s a hobby. Otherwise, if we were running in street clothes, people would be wondering if we could run before/after @TheZiggurat614

10) Girls my age never tell me how handsome I am, but my grandmother and her friends compliment my looks all the time. It makes me think that I could have had a lot more girls if I was born in the 1930’s. @Kezly

11) If you won a prize for being the first person to break two world records alone, the person who broke your world record would have to break three world records, the person who broke yours would have to break four, and so on ad infinitum. @The_Lobster

12) If it was acceptable in our society to wear naked clothes, people could save a lot of money @farlotatte

13) Fat people have a better chance of winning the “glassing” game @jugs_galore

14) Surprisingly, there are no conspiracy theories about the ocean floor, even though 99% of it is as undiscovered as other planets in the solar system, the other side of the moon, etc. @Hot_Donald


15) Glass buildings are actually sand castles in the making @BroadMix6

16) We don’t usually have a problem wearing a sock all day, but if we take it off for even a second, we think it’s disgusting to put it back on because it’s “used”. @bobisafern

17) It’s not out of the question that EMOs disappeared because everyone wants to die nowadays, so it’s no longer special. @Burstaine

18) Earth is a planet that decides for itself whether other planets are planets or not @GabeLincon

19) Egg + mayo = egg salad, potato + mayo = potato salad, chicken + mayo = chicken salad. Ergo: everything you put mayonnaise in suddenly becomes a salad @Geek4lyf

20) If your partner cheats on you and you get angry and start fighting with the person he cheated on you with, it’s like getting sick and not trying to eliminate the sickness, but just the symptoms it causes. @Banzgirl


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