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20 before and after photos of dogs that have been adopted


Love and care for living things can have an amazing character-shaping effect on us. Every day, we learn touching stories of people who adopted animals to give them a new chance at life after months in the shelter, only to find that the owners themselves had actually been given a chance at a better, more fulfilling life by their dog.

1 “I rescued this Golden Retriever from a Korean family. He was 6.8 kilograms when he came to me, now he weighs 27 kilograms.”

2 “My dog and her puppies before adoption and now, three years later.”

3 “This is Anna! Before my mother brought her home with her to Germany, she wandered the streets of Italy.”

4These are sincere kisses of thanks.


5She had wandered the streets of San Antonio since birth, but at one point her life changed.

6 “On adoption day, vs. today. She’s come a long way, and maybe a little spoiled.”

7This dog had a very hard life. He was raised by a truck driver who didn’t care.


8This is Dex. He fought a big battle to stay alive after his owners dumped him on the streets of Austin.

9 “A few months after being neglected by his former owners, Dobby came into my life. Thanks to a lot of love, food and a healthy environment, he was finally a changed man.”

10 “I found him in a plastic bag a few years ago. He was hairless and hungry. At the time I never thought she would be the love of my life.”

11 “This dog had severe skin problems, but today, 2 years later, he is a proud and happy dog.”

12Rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico, Barkley is very grateful to have regained his health.

13This is Rox before and after 4 weeks of treatment.


14 “This is Lily, the Pyrenean mountain dog I rescued. On the left is her on the day she was adopted – she was scared of everything at the time. The picture on the right was taken six months later – she was no longer afraid of anything.”

15 “This is the smile that my whole family and I are so proud of.”

16 “The puppy on the left probably never imagined that he would become the beauty on the right.”

17 “The photo on the left was taken at the shelter when he saw me. A year later, he became my best friend.”

18 “The photo on the left is of us finding him on the street. We adopted him and the picture on the right was taken a week later. This is Pablo!”

19 “Coco’s transformation two months ago and now. I can’t believe someone would put such a cute and intelligent dog on the street.”

20This is Ruthie, the 16-year-old chihuahua. She was still in the shelter in December and it was questionable whether she would live to see the New Year. Then her rescuer came and changed her life.



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