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19 photos that prove our mothers and grandmothers knew more about style and fashion than the current generation


We can always admire the ladies in old photos. Even their casual clothes emphasised their elegance and personality. The clothes of our mothers and grandmothers were so sophisticated that they could easily eclipse the expensive creations of today’s fashion designers.

We’ve looked with great interest at the vintage photos of internet users, and we’re convinced that the fashions of the past were particularly glamorous.

“These 3 genteel ladies are my aunts and grandmother showing off their Brooklyn looks.”

“This is my grandmother in Miami in 1962. I never got to meet her, but I hope, like her namesake, I’m as cool as she is.”

“Paris, my grandmother on the left in 1947. On the right is me in 2014.”

People were more upscale back then. © Airforceallday / Imgur


“My great-grandmother, circa 1915.”

“My grandfather and grandmother dressed up for a Halloween party, circa 1948. The dress, by the way, was handmade by my great-grandmother.”

They look like movie stars.

“Browsing through old photos, I realized my grandmother was an original hipster.”


“I met my grandmother as an old woman. Looking at these old photos made me realize that she lived a whole life before I even existed.”

“Here’s my grandmother in 1949. Her neighbor hand-stitched her wedding dress for $40. And my mom wore the dress again for her wedding in 1983!”

“My grandmother, circa 1910s.”

“My grandmother was a cheerleader in high school. She’s third from the left.”

“My great-grandmother, circa 1899.”

“My Swiss grandmother in the 1940s”

“My mother, my grandmother and me, dressed up for Easter. This was in the 1960s.”


“This is my 17-year-old mother in 1962. 5 years later she was a hippie.”

“My grandmother as a teenager in New York in the 1920s.”

“Nothing stops my grandmother! Here she is, in the final stages of her recovery from tuberculosis. She lived to be 63 years old.”

“My grandmother on her wedding day in the 1950s.”

“My grandmother at 28”

“A photo of my grandmother taken on her honeymoon in 1899.”

“My mother (right) and aunt in Easter dress in front of church, 1965”

Which, at one time, of your mother’s or grandmother’s dresses seem cooler to you than the fancy dresses? Share their photos in the comments below.



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