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19 hilarious pictures of our pets being caught stealing food


Pets can sometimes be mischievous thieves in the home. It’s not strange to see our cats and dogs stealing food. Our pets are endlessly fond of the kitchen counter. It’s a goldmine for them. The appetising smells that come from the food they are cooking always grab them. And it’s understandable why many four-legged friends become serial thieves.

1. He stole the eggs from my plate.

2. He just took a nap after eating all the strawberry jam.

3. He started barking at the door and I got up to look outside. Meanwhile, he ran back and stole a slice of my pizza. No one was at the door.

4. I think I figured out who was stealing the catnip.

5. “Some neighbor stole a whole rib from me.”


6. ” I just turned my back for a second and he stole all the cupcakes off the table.”

7. “One of my cat’s favorite foods is raw cauliflower, and now I caught him stealing it.”

8 “My cat managed to steal a potato and proudly walks around the house with it.”

9. “My dog was nowhere to be found and later an unopened packet of nachos turned up.”

10 “He’s trying to steal the last muffin from my dad.”

11 “That’s how I found my cat trying to steal food from the top of the fridge.”


12 “My cat stole my lunch.”

13. This dog is calmly walking around with a stolen pizza in his mouth.

14.He tries hard.

15. He got his head stuck in the cereal box while stealing cereal, but silently endured.

16. “My dog stole a strawberry out of the picnic basket, but he was too cute to be mad at.”

17. The mystery of the flour thief is solved.

18. “He managed to steal a croissant from the table and hid it in my shoe.”

19. “My cat knocked my dinner on the floor and my dog stole it. I could only eat one bite.”


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