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19 heartbreaking photos that are too good not to want to share


We have seen many beautiful photos on the internet. We know that many people have taken these photos by editing them so that many people share them. Now we’re going to show you 19 photos that are absolutely true and have so much emotion in the background that they’re sure to make you smile.

1.My father was alone in the office today, so he took this picture and sent it to my family.

2.What a caring mother..

3. I volunteer with a dog rescue organisation and we like to keep track of what happens to the dogs in their new homes. This made me smile…

4. All you need is love.


5. Does anyone have any idea what is going on?

6. No DNA test required.

7. Behind the New Year’s Eve celebrations…


8. What do you see? Skiers or musical notes?

9. Probably the best picture from last year: I call it ‘the day my dog fell in love.’

10. If my patients forget for just a few minutes that they’re stuck in intensive care for Christmas, it’s worth it.

11. There are some witty frogs riding on the back of a python.

12. 11 days ago I posted a picture of the inside of my broken painted mug, and then another Reddit user finished painting the scene. Today a package arrived that completed the whole thing.

13. Valaki in my neighbourhood is making good use of the low hanging oak branches this Christmas.


14.One of the coolest selfies.

15 “A primary school bus driver asked all the children on his bus what they wanted for Christmas. He bought each child a present.”

16.Two shirts bought several months apart form a perfect, unbroken chain.

17.My friends and I built a “Chemistry Tree” and we hope you like it! We used the periodic table to write out “Merry Christmas” in Dutch.

18.A Monopoly blanket crocheted by a loving mother

hello, please look at this giant blanket my mom crocheted for me!!! pic.twitter.com/TTRQwJAmnZ

— pilot! (@pilotviruet) December 27, 2018

19.A loving hug from a swan – how cute is that?



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