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18 tips on how to use small spaces in your home like a true interior designer


Just because the rooms in your home are small doesn’t mean they have to be messy, and it doesn’t mean they can’t be cosy. Sometimes houses and apartments have small, even uncomfortable spaces, so you need to think of new ways to distribute furniture and decor. To do this, here are some tips that can help make these spaces feel more spacious, as well as tidy and stylish.

We’d like to share with you some ideas to optimise space in small rooms and make your home feel more welcoming. At the end of the article, you’ll find a bonus 5 important and simple principles when it comes to home decorating and decorating.


Paint your walls white!

While you may like rich colours, for a small room, such colours may not be a good choice. On the other hand, painting the walls a light colour, especially white, is ideal as it gives the impression that the room is more spacious and bright. This is particularly recommended if the room to be renovated has access to sufficient natural light. Otherwise, white will not really achieve the same visual effect you were looking for.

Install shelves.


A great way to optimise the use of space in your home is to install shelving and use corner furniture. You can use these shelves to store things like books or even food, but you can also place ornaments and plants, among other things. All of these give a very cosy feel to the room where they are placed. You can choose from different shelf designs such as floating, corner, glass, minimalist, etc.

Choose an “L” shaped sofa.

Sofas are a must in at least one room of the house. But the problem is that they take up too much space in small rooms. Fortunately, there is a good solution to this problem. Simply invest in an L-shaped sofa and make use of one corner of the living room. Preferably one without armrests, as this will open up the room and leave more space for guests.

Put a large mirror on the wall.

Mirrors are a great way to create a more spacious room. Placing a large mirror on a wall will brighten up the room, while giving the impression that the room is more spacious. However, be careful not to ‘clutter’ the walls with mirrors as this can overwhelm the space.


Break up the atmosphere with furniture.

If you have two adjoining rooms that are not separated by a wall, such as the living room and kitchen in a loft-style apartment, the best way to make the most of both is to divide them using bookshelves, glass walls, grilles, screens, curtains or rugs. This way you can maintain privacy in both areas while making the most of space, and at the same time add stylish accessories (such as rugs or screens). In other cases, you can use low furniture so you don’t have to sacrifice light in the room.

Choose neutral colours for your decor.

Neutral tones help to create a more spacious and welcoming environment. As well as buying furniture in these shades, choose curtains that match these colours. Traditionally, shades that are considered neutral include white, grey and beige. You can also use red to highlight some special elements, as it goes very well with any of the colours mentioned above.

Hang the TV on the wall.

If you put a cabinet in the room specifically for the TV, you’ll take up a lot of space that could be used for other things. Multifunctionality is key when it comes to small spaces. So it’s best to hang the TV on the wall. The wiring can be hidden away, giving the room a modern look with ease. It also makes it easier to achieve an optimal viewing distance and reduces the chance of strain on the eyes or neck. The screen can be fixed at the desired height.

Make clever use of wall space and space above the sofa.

Whether the ceiling is high or not, there’s always plenty of space to take advantage of when you look up. You can hang plants, decorative lamps and other ornaments that can make the room feel cosy. You can even hang a bicycle on the wall if you don’t have anywhere to put it or don’t want it to take up more space. Similarly, there’s always empty space above the sofa where you can put pictures, shelves or other objects.


Try to get custom-made bookshelves.

If you’re within your means, it would be ideal to have custom bookshelves made for you – something that suits your space requirements and functionality. This way you can make even better use of the wall, where you’ll have an enclosed and an open section where you can display books, decorations, TVs, etc.

Don’t forget the windows!

If you have a large window, the ideal thing to do is to take advantage of it! For example, you can turn it into an extra sofa by putting some cushions there. You can turn it into a kind of shelf where you can put plants and other decorations. You can also turn it into a writing desk, which is probably the best solution because you’ll always have natural light. You’ll be surprised how versatile the space under the window can be. Just take the time to come up with some cool ideas to really make use of this space.

Choose furniture that will bring order to your home.

If you put a lot of furniture in a small space, it can block people from passing through; but it can also create a cluttered environment. So when choosing furniture, it’s better to choose pieces that fit easily. For example, poufs can be placed under a piece of furniture when not in use. Stools can be stored under a counter. Another good option is to use folding or hinged furniture when more space is needed. This also gives the impression that more space is available.

Try to use built-in furniture to save space.

For space saving, there is nothing better than built-in furniture. You’ll gain square footage because the furniture is actually built into a wall. An added advantage is that because the wall has to be dismantled first, the furniture has to be custom made to size. In this case you can choose to have bookshelves, cupboards and even a fireplace installed. Although this will require some work, it will definitely be worth it in the long run.

Use the balcony as an extension of the living room.

If you have the advantage of having a balcony or terrace next to your living or dining room, you can turn it into an extension of the ambience you want to create in your living room. To do this, you can keep the curtains (and windows open when it’s warm) and place tables, chairs and other useful furniture on it. Doing so will make the environment feel more spacious and comfortable.


Plus 5 important but simple interior design rules for creating a cosy space.


The “less is more” principle focuses on quality rather than quantity. When it comes to interior design, doing it in a minimalist style – without overloading the room with ornaments or furniture and using plants as decoration – can be both extremely rewarding and economical.

Use candles. They are the ultimate decorative element for dining rooms and hallways. They add warmth to the environment. You can use candle holders or candle holders to create beautiful table decorations.

If you like to hang pictures on the walls, it is advisable to choose them according to the function of the room. If it is a dining room, they can be pictures of food, nature, scenes of daily chores, etc. If it is a living room, they could be copies of famous paintings or landscapes, among other things.

Keeping your space tidy and clean helps keep your mind clear. Your home reflects what’s going on in your mind. If it’s cluttered, it creates mental blocks. You can soon find yourself feeling overwhelmed and confused. When everything is in order, things flow naturally, as do ideas. As a tip, throw out or give away items you no longer need or that are taking up too much space.

Define your style. For decor, you can go for a rustic wood effect, something more innovative and colourful, or perhaps opt for a minimalist approach. Once you’ve defined your style, you can choose the colours and patterns that you identify with most, and choose details that will make the most impact.



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