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18 parents who shared their most epic parenting fail


Having a baby is the most wonderful thing in the world, but it’s also the beginning of the most difficult and responsible time of your life, because parenthood is not easy. At the very least, many people worry about whether they’ll be good parents, but you shouldn’t rush into things. It’s human to make mistakes, and if things don’t go right sometimes, nobody gets hurt. 😊

1 “We were at the zoo with our baby when we were approached by a strange lady who said: ‘Excuse me, but there’s a stowaway sitting on your baby’s head!’ 😁

2 “Zsip-zsup hemp jup. If it gets wet, throw it away. Yup!” 😅

3 “My son really liked the sweater he got for Christmas, so he wanted to wear it to kindergarten to show his little friends. Later I got a phone call from the kindergarten teacher saying that the sweater was a bit too much… That afternoon I had a closer look at the sweater and I realized what she meant. Honestly, I hadn’t even noticed until then.” 🎄

4 “My son wasn’t too thrilled that I mixed up a day of photography with a day of pyjamas…” 😬


5 “Relax, we’ve been on planes with our kids before…oops.” 😄

6When an error slips into your calculations.

7 “I was sobbing on the way home, and it was only at the end of the journey that I noticed that the shells I had thrown out of the window had found their way back…” 😄


8Not very in control of the situation. 😀

9 “My son had to pee in IKEA. He did it.” 😅

10 “The first and last time I let my daughter and husband go shopping together. Without me…” 😂

11 “Relax son, I’m on the case!”

12 “I was the photographer for this family. Relax, the baby is fine! Since then, I still often receive unsolicited, scolding messages about the photo.” 🙃

13 “My daughter started to get a nosebleed and I quickly fixed it.” 😄


14 “My boss brought his son into the office today.” 😜

15 “I asked my husband to put our son to bed. After all, one out of two is already asleep…” 😅

16 “Please do not judge me…” 😌

17Kourtney Kardashian, the pearl of mothers! 😃

18The first defining father-baby moment. 😀


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