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18 parents share the dumbest things their kids have done


Adults want their children to be obedient, clever, smart and logical thinkers. Or at least to stop them from doing obviously stupid things. But it’s not always that simple. Children’s curiosity and ingenuity are hardwired to make mistakes that can surprise even the most experienced parents.

1.When her parents brought her newborn baby sister home, she was so offended that she packed her things and told them she was leaving the house.

2 “My child carries these stones in her purse because she thinks they are beautiful and special.”

3 “My five-year-old daughter wanted to share her pocket money with her brother.”

4 “He crawled into it alone, and stuck to it alone.”


5 “My child was sure that this was the way to make wireless headphones.”

6 “I don’t know where the idea came from, but my child wanted to dress up in his own pants for Halloween.”

7His brother asked his brother to wrap him in a pillowcase and spin him around the house. Of course, dad took a photo while he did it.


8 “Hiding with my son is not too stressful.”

9 “My son will only eat this fast food restaurant’s food, so to avoid a tantrum, I put the food I cook in a bag like this and say it’s their new menu.”

10. Apuka woke up. The little girl tried to put it on the dog. 😂

11 “My son is crying because his uncle told him that he will never be able to take off the wig he put on his head.”

12 “My son’s Harry Potter drawing experiment didn’t go according to plan.”

13 “I punished my children by taking away their toys, and they took them back and drew them on the sofa as if they hadn’t touched them.”


14 “It took a lot of money and effort to put the pool up, but our child doesn’t like it, says the bucket is better.”

15. Sign: “This is the food of ants. I put it out for them to eat. Don’t clean it up!”

16 “While reading the text on it, he did not notice that the cap was open.”

17 “My daughter used to sleep with sunglasses on because she thought it was cool, and she waited for Prince Charming to come to her at night.”

18 “My kid says it’s ice cream for dogs.”



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