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18 photos of shelter dogs that have been clipped by a kind-hearted man to help them find homes


A few years ago, Mark Imhof started a very unusual business. He wondered what he could do to help homeless dogs from shelters find new families. One of the dogs’ main problems was that their life on the streets tended to be very upsetting, which hid their natural beauty and prevented people from adopting them. But Mark decided to solve this situation and he succeeded!

1 This little guy turned out to be very cute after meeting Mark’s caring hand. And there was a lot of work behind this look.

2. The abundance and length of fur covered the dog’s eyes, almost blinding him.

3. Mark was ready to help make a better life for all dogs.

4. Mark gives each puppy a warm, bubble bath.


5. Next comes the nail and fur trimming

6. All these procedures also help to make the puppies feel better.

7. It also helps unlock the hidden beauty of puppies.


8. For example, Debbie on her first day at the Animal Care Center. And this is how she looks now after bath and grooming:

9. And this guy can now finally look you directly in the eye after Mark’s clippers have been used to remove excess hair.

10. No matter how dire the dog’s condition, Mark is up for the challenge.

11. Dogs cannot lie and the true emotion on their faces is Mark’s initial reward.

12. But there is one more thing every dog wants.

13. This is something Mark is trying to help all dogs with his magic.


14. All shelter dogs need a home and a loving family.

15. This is why Mark comes to the shelter to help, regardless of the difficulties.

16. Mark knows that clean and good looking animals are more likely to be adopted.

17. Here’s Rutgers. This is one of Mark’s beauty models who has recently found a new home.

18. Because honestly, what could be better than a happy dog?


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