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18 “believe it when I see it” occasions when people were able to prove their incredible stories with photos


It’s quite rare, but at least once in a person’s life, something really unusual and fantastic happens to them, but when they tell others about it, they never believe it. And of course the disbelievers come with the silly questions like “why didn’t you take a photo?” or “why didn’t you take a camera?” and so on. 😕

1A Kansas City Fire Department crew rescue their own comrades from a stuck elevator.

2No, your eyes are glazed over…but the question remains, “How the hell is this possible?”

3My dad always brags about the time he beat Chuck Norris. And of course he likes to shove this photo in the faces of the disbelievers. 😉

4This morning my new neighbours came to visit my aunt. She says they seem quite friendly. 😊


5I was on my way home and was driving through the park when I saw this. 😺

6I once played chess with Morgan Freeman as a kid. 😮

7The other day I managed to lock myself out of my car, so I called a car lock repair company. Of course, then he locked himself out of his, so he called his co-workers. No way. 😄


8Sometimes when I can’t sleep I go for a walk in the middle of the night. Last night I finally had some company. 😏

9When I was at the zoo, a slightly rude gorilla introduced me to him, and I introduced him back. Well what can I say, he was quite offended. 😂

10My sister was sitting in a cafe in London when she saw this beautiful rainbow-feathered dove. 😍

11A sandwich bar advertised itself as a free lunch for Liam Neeson. Eventually the actor heard about it, so he went and took advantage of the opportunity. 😛

12Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V

13Anyuka caught a glimpse of a real deer in the forest as it slipped on thin ice.


14What are the chances of that? Three squirrels of different colours were playing in our garden. 😊

15During our cruise, two dolphins struck us, so I asked my travel companion to take a picture of me with them. At that moment, their little one showed up and joined in for the cutest selfie of the year 😉

16Three stages of a ladybug’s life in one picture. 🐞

17I was upstairs when I heard a noise coming from the kitchen. I ran over to get to the bottom of it, only to be greeted by this sight. This goat didn’t just sneak into my house, it got into a fight with the trash can 😁

18When, after many years -and 8 hours of driving- you finally meet your best friend wearing the same shirt as you. I guess that’s called true friendship. 🙂



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