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18 amazing lookalikes who are the spitting image of the biggest stars


Some are born unique, and some are born looking deceptively like celebrities. Those who look like celebrities are not ashamed to take advantage of this. We have gathered some lookalikes who bear a striking resemblance to various celebrities.

1Lo Yuan Pin and Vladimir Putin.

Putin’s “twin brother” lives in a Chinese village in Anhui region and works as a local journalist. Yuan Pin hopes that his resemblance to the Russian president will help him find a wife quickly.

2Veronika Black and Angelina Jolie.

This Canadian girl was unaware of her resemblance to the celebrity until people in the shops pointed it out to her.

3A Russian policeman and Leonardo DiCaprio.


Leo’s alter ego was found in Russia. The policeman, whose name has not been released, has the same blue eyes, the same shaped nose and even a similar goatee as Leo. The only big difference is their hair.

4James Martin and Colin Farrell.

James looks more like Colin than Colin himself. He decided to use the actor’s name to launch his own career. He gives lectures and does photo shoots.

5Guillermo Zapata and George Clooney.


George Clooney’s “clone” has his own restaurant and bar, but also works as an actor and model.

6Amethyst Rose and Lady Gaga.

Amethyst Rose always says: “If I had as many dollars as people say I look like Lady Gaga, I’d be a very rich man.”

7Heidi Egan and Kate Middleton.

Heidi looks a lot like the Duchess, which she used to her advantage, so she gave up her life as a waitress to become Kate’s alter ego and attend various events.

8Janice Garay and Jennifer Lopez.

9Iza Ijzerman and Gigi Hadid.

Model and blogger Iza realised that she really looks like Gigi when modeling agency MiLK shared her photo and called her.


10Reggie Brown and Barack Obama.

Reggie Brown is an actor and impersonator. When he made a video for the song “Gangnam Style”, he played Obama and the video was viewed by over 100 million people. Reggie was so good that many internet users believed he was the real Barack Obama.

11Camilla Shadbolt and Victoria Beckham.

Just like other lookalikes, Camilla didn’t pass up the chance to be Victoria’s “clone”. It was a great idea, considering the fact that she was once mistaken for Victoria by a photographer for The Sun magazine.

12Kristina McNabb and Lily-Rose Depp.

The 19-year-old blogger and makeup artist looks a lot like Johnny Depp’s daughter, and the makeup helps to further the resemblance between them.

13Martin Jordan and Gordon Ramsay.

It was the world-famous chef’s popularity that brought Martin to television – he’s appeared on Britain’s Got Talent and Lookalikes. He even took part in a show featuring celebrity lookalikes.

14Matt Hicks and Prince Harry.

Matt looks like the British Prince, so he took part in a TV series called ” I wanna marry Harry”, where girls competed for a chance with “Prince Harry”.

15Melissa Bazan and Angelina Jolie.

Another Jolie look-alike, she is a mother of two in Wisconsin. Melissa has always admired the actress, which is why her resemblance to her idol is simply unbelievable.

16Brittany Williams and Beyoncé.

Brittany, living in Detroit, looks just like Beyoncé. She looks so much like the celebrity that she once had to run away from Beyoncé’s fans who were chasing her. The fans wanted her to sing the song “Single Ladies”.

17The Katzenbach twins and Bradley Cooper.

It seems that nature is quite pleased with the way Bradley Cooper looks, and that’s why she decided to make two more celebrities out of the celebrity. They look so much like him that they’ve been mistaken for him several times, in bars and even on the street.


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