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17 proof that our favourites can win the hearts of even the toughest men


Some people love pets, while others, especially men, simply don’t care. They say “no” to a pet in the house and for them it is non-negotiable. However, everything changed after they saw some fluffy paws in their house. Turns out these tough fathers and husbands were the first to fall in love with these furry friends. They start sleeping in the same bed with them and snuggle up to them all day. In fact, they become best friends.

We believe pets can win the heart of anyone, even the toughest of men, and these 17 photos prove it.

1. “A dog will get in the way, I’ll step on it.” said my husband.

2. “He was adamantly against us having a hairless cat. Since then, they have found the best way to connect.”

3. “As much as I begged, my father never let me have a pet when I was younger. Now he pulls my cat around in a box (which he named Kitty Express) while she makes train noises and laughs like a child.”


4. “My dad: “If we keep him, he can’t go up on the couch and I don’t want him anywhere near me!” My dad to the cat a few days later, “We’ll move the cushion over so there’s more room for you! Can you fit comfortably? Let’s read together!”

5. “It took me three years to convince him, because he prefers cats. He finally agreed, on the condition that the dog couldn’t go on the bed. I wake up to this every morning now.”

6. “He still won’t admit that he loves cats.”

7. “I’m a cat person.” – said. Now, “Where’s Penny? I need Penny! I can’t sleep without my puppy!”


8. “We never need a cat!” – my husband said.”

9. “He never wanted to see a pet in the house, and now they’re always getting dressed up.”

10. Now he gives the cat a drop of cream cheese every morning and naps with her on the sofa, but he insists he doesn’t like her.”

11. “My father, who didn’t want a pet, now comforts our dog after his first vet check-up.”

12 “My husband, who is allergic and hates cats.”

13. “Dad: “If we get a tortoise, I won’t take care of it.” Dad now: “Make yourself comfortable Hector and let me show you pictures of your brothers and sisters.”


14. “Dad: No, we’re definitely not getting a dog!” Dad now: “

15. “Dad: “No cats allowed in this house!” Dad now: painting pictures of our cats so he can hang them up in the room…”

16. “He can stay for two weeks!” – said. Since then, no matter what the dog does, Dad always watches him in awe.”

17. “My friend who thought all cats were evil is now doing everything he can to get to him. Why? Because he wanted to kiss her forehead.”

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