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17 pictures that prove that people with a good sense of humour can make any day memorable


Some people are born happy, according to scientists who have discovered that certain genes are linked to well-being. But a happy life is not entirely dependent on genetics. Our environment also plays a key role in how we feel, the study suggests. Fortunately, there are some people who have been gifted with a great sense of humour, and they use this to help us unlock new levels of joy.

1. “I found this on the sale shelf. I’m ready to grow extra arms this winter.”

2. “This is an actual interview taking place in the office. We take Halloween very seriously.”

3. “My new neighbor just arrived in his truck. Can’t say I’m thrilled…”

4.”Today is my last day at work, so I brought everyone a cake.”


5. When the hotel staff goes out of their way to make the customers smile:

(My sister is on vacation with the kids, there were some cute “towel animals” on the bed during the week, but now we’ve come back to this.)

6. “I asked my sister for a urchin cake for my birthday…”.

7. “My teacher’s wallpaper”


8. They chose the perfect icon for this salt shaker.

9. “I’m working on a calendar to enjoy each season.”

10. “I turned a picture of my labrador doing his thing into a puzzle and gave it to my dad as a gift.”

“He put it together, framed it, and gave it back to me.”

11. “What my wife does…”

12. “My buddy and I have been hiding this sculpture in each other’s house for over 15 years.”


13. “My wife sent me out for winter storm gear. I returned with this. I feel safer already.

14. “My son is getting a Nintendo Switch for his 7th birthday. But first this.”

15. “My wife threatened to throw out my old/spare parts for the car, so I sent her this picture.”

16. “My dad’s brothers went on a trip and didn’t invite him. So he photoshopped a picture of them from the trip and gave it to them as a gift.”

17. “My paragliding guides had a great sense of humor.”



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