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17 people, who would get upset at the word cat, and yet they became inseparable


Unfortunately, not everyone in the family (or household) is equally excited and open to a new resident, especially if we are talking about a cat. Of course, everyone loves funny pictures and videos of little furballs, but when it comes to living together, it’s a different story.


1 “Dad still says he hates cats, but the cat loft bed he made says otherwise.” 😊

2 “Why did you bring it here? No, I don’t want to pet it…” 😌

3 “Daddy hated our cat so much in the beginning. Since then they’ve been inseparable partners in crime.” 😎


4 “My boyfriend has always considered himself a dog lover. Then this little furball walked into our lives and changed everything.” 💗

5 “I hate cats,” he said.” 😃

6 “My boyfriend never liked cats, but I finally managed to pester him until we finally adopted one. Guess who became our Grafit cat’s best friend!” 🙂

7 “Cats are useless animals! They are useless! Don’t you dare bring one here!” 😌


8 “My dad always hated cats, then one day my mum brought one home. One day I went to visit them and that’s how I found my dad and their new cat.” 😍

9 “My girlfriend fought fiercely against adopting a kitten. Now they spend every free moment together. Who understands that?” 😊

10 “When I brought our kittens home, my dad just walked away angry. Of course, things have changed since then.” 🙂

11 “Is this what you think an anti-cat person looks like? I don’t think so.” 😉

12 “One of my girlfriends couldn’t keep her kitten, so she offered me and my boyfriend the chance to adopt it if we wanted. Of course, my boyfriend was not thrilled at first, but as soon as he saw this angelic face, he couldn’t say no.” 💗

13 “There’s not a tough man on earth who wouldn’t be softened by a cutie like this.” 😇


14 “When your dad already loves your cat more than the other way around.” 😄

15 “Although I’ve always hated cats, I decided to take my girlfriend to a shelter for her birthday so we could adopt a kitten. We ended up coming home with a litter of kittens because I didn’t have the heart to leave them.” 😍

16 “Meet my buddy who hates cats. And as much as my buddy insists he doesn’t, the picture is not doctored.” 😀

17 “To this day, he denies that he loves our little Tabby. But that only makes them cuter.” 💖



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