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17 misbehaving four-legs who put the wrong wood on the fire


If you have a dog at home, you probably know how chaotic life can be with these mischievous four-legged animals. All dogs want to be good boys, but not all of them are up to the task. No matter how much we try to tame or calm them down, there’s still an endless source of energy in dogs (especially young ones) that drives them to turn things around.

1. He has a tantrum all day long because he wants to go to the park, but falls asleep on the way. I try to wake him up, but it’s no use. He does this every day.

2. “After being outside for 15 minutes, he decided he didn’t want to be a white dog anymore. He shit himself, and our other dog helped him do it.”

3. “Other dogs are running on the beach, playing in the water. My dog:”

4. “George, doing his thing on the newly laid grass. I’ve just finished watering, I sit back to admire our work, and he runs over and does this.”


5. “I’ve been regretting thinking that Penny, our dog, could behave in the yard while I was working in the garden.”

6. “I take her out three times a day, but she still does her business in the house. She gets fed twice a day, but she likes to go outside and dig through the neighbor’s garbage cans.”

7. “I only left him alone for two minutes and he ripped a branch off the tree.”


8. “This is the gift our dogs gave us this morning. We’re buying a new couch.”

9. “The artist and his creation. He is now out in the garden thinking about his future creations.”

10. “My 7 year old dachshund who decided to learn to climb a tree today.”

11. ” He really likes to look out the window all day, which is causing our couch to be completely ruined.”

12. “We spent a lot of money on toys, but his favourite toy is a cheese box that he picked out of the bin.”

13. “Not only did they dig up the whole yard, but they also dug up the flowers from the pots.”

14. “The neighbors are playing outside and my dog is acting like a stalker.”


15. “Pepper, our dog, who takes all the food to his bed, sniffs it for hours before finally eating it.”

16. “The vet wanted to draw blood and Lucky tried to return the favor.”

17. “We went for a quick walk before work. Of course he jumped in the first puddle he saw.”


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