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17 great tattoos with untold deep meaning


At Nemkund, we love looking at photos and stories that reveal people’s lives, so in today’s article we’ve collected 20 tattoos that have a much deeper meaning than you might think at first glance.

1 “I was very happy when I had it done last year. Now I look at it with a slight sadness. Rest in peace.”

2 “My favourite tattoo is the lifelike image of my dog’s paw. It will stay on my ankle forever.”

3 “My father passed away 2 months ago. Today is his birthday. He always wanted us to have the same tattoos.”

4 “Yesterday I had the portrait of my dog, who died 3 years ago, sewn on me.”


5 “In my grandmother’s house, each guest had his own cup. Mine was decorated with thistles. I drank from it every time I visited my grandma.”

6 “I got this tattoo in memory of a friend I grew up with. He was a great dog and a parent to me. I miss him every day.”

7 “Tattoo of me and my sister. It’s the two of us against the Universe.”


8 “I decided to get my first tattoo when I was 23. A lot of people don’t realise I have a hearing problem until I warn them, so this little guide might be useful.”

9 “Just a silhouette of my father, who died last July.”

10 “When cultures come together: my mother is Scottish, my father is Maori.”

11 “I did eyebrow tattooing for a client who does not grow real eyebrows because of a disease (alopecia areata).”

12 “We made this to commemorate our travels together, as it rained almost every time.”

13.Family photo, forever.


14 “I asked the artist to make something in memory of my dog who had passed away. He may be gone, but he is forever in my heart!”

15. “A little reminder of the time I spent working with my mother in the hospital.”

16 “My mother always had a wonderful handwriting and would sign every postcard or letter. She passed away in October.”

17. “I got my first tattoo today. 4 birds, in memory of my 4 unborn children who were not able to come into the world.”


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