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16 sweet souls who are never afraid to be kind


There are people who do not hesitate to offer a helping hand, whether it is a fellow human being or an animal. A kind gesture can be anything small, from a left-handed cutlery to a much-needed sip of water for a left-handed guest. It’s all about the intention, and almost anyone can appreciate that.

1. “My sister saved 3 squirrels from the hurricane and named them Alvin, Simon and Theodore.”

2. “A Polish firefighter gives water to a turtle rescued from a fire in Greece.”

3. “Sister Bailey is on duty and takes her job very seriously”.

4. “My buddy and I decided to donate artwork to the local McDonald’s. Live your dreams.”


5. “The one on the left is from 5 days before I adopted him. The one on the right was taken earlier today. I am so lucky to have adopted him.”

6. “The neighbors heard we were sick. I hear them knocking on the side door and when I went outside, this is what I saw!”

7. “The wait staff at this restaurant noticed that I was left-handed and put out a set of left-handed silverware.”


8. “I was on my way to work when I found 3 strangers helping me free a squirrel who had somehow gotten his head stuck between the posts of my fence (no harm to the squirrel or the fence).”

9. “We were getting rid of a desk when the little kid next door came out with his mom and said he wanted it. She wrote us this note thanking us for the desk.”
Text: “Thank you so much for the desk! I love it so much! I use it a lot!!!!”
“Thank you for the desk! Love having my own workspace.”

10. “We got a flat tire and had a tire in the back seat, but no lift. This fantastic guy had a jack and was kind enough to put it on.”

11. “I just moved 7 of these little guys off the road.”

12. “I fixed my makeup after crying so hard from a gift from my husband.”

13 “I bought a used car from an older gentleman and found this when I got home.”
Text: “I wanted you to start with a full tank!”


14 “I love going to metal concerts.”

15. “The aftermath of coming out of drowning.”

16. “My girlfriend surprised me with flowers and a cookie yesterday, just because. ♥ I’m a lucky guy.”


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