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16 pieces of advice that are completely useless, but f*cking funny in return


Nowadays, there is a wealth of useful advice on the internet, you just need to find the right site. There are also tricks and advice that don’t really work. And some are downright stupid. But nobody said you shouldn’t try them or that they are not effective! 😀

1If you find it hard to wake up in the morning, just soak up some coffee with your contacts. Your eyes are guaranteed to pop out! 😁

2Not boiled all the water off your rice? Don’t worry! Just spice it up with a few marbles and they’ll fix the problem in a jiffy! 📱

3If you don’t have your wine opener handy, or you’re just afraid the cork will break into the bottle again, just pop your purchased wine in the freezer. Believe me, it’ll pop the cork in seconds. 😃

4No more crying while cleaning onions! You just need to wrap your head in foil (don’t forget to put a hole in your nose!!!) 😄


5Rattling? Puffy? Does it bang? If your car is making weird noises, just turn up the radio. With the music blaring, who can hear the weird noises? 😂

6If you’re always worried about the cakes in the fridge drying out, just eat them all! 🍰

7Dining on a small table or a tray on your lap is not the way to go…so use a toilet board! 😄

8Does your car’s engine cooler not work? Does it get downright horrible in the summer? Just drill a few orbital holes and you’re guaranteed good ventilation! 👍😀


9Cleaning products are very harmful to us and our environment. Use a cat to mop and dust!🙃

10If you’re going away and you’re afraid of being robbed, put a big screen TV box next to the bin next to the neighbour opposite. 😄

11Do you put sunscreen on yourself because it makes you feel sticky all the time? Here’s the solution, and you can even keep your hands free! 🙃

12Small apartment, install the heaters outside under the windows. When winter sets in, simply open the windows. 😆

13If you cut a hole in a book and hide goodies inside, you can feast until your mother thinks you’re studying. 😆

14If you’re fat enough and all your clothes are tight on you, you’ll save time and energy by not having to iron! 😃


15Why would you polish all the nails on your feet if you can’t see them anyway, just the first two? 💅

16Turn your air conditioner upside down! Why? Well… there’s no good fake explanation. 😄


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