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15+ shocking photos that show the link between science and everyday life


Perhaps as a teenager we all lazily flipped through chemistry, physics or biology books and thought, “Why would I need this subject in my life? After all, I’m not going to be a scientist”. But the link between these interesting sciences and everyday life is real, and we can see it again thanks to these discoveries by internet users.

Hats off to the curious people who have managed to spot the unusual. We are also pleased when we hear others explain clearly why these things happened.

“My daughter’s tiger has distinct light and dark stripes in normal light, but is completely white through night vision.”

“The stripes disappear only when exposed to infrared radiation.”

The water in my fireplace lid froze and turned into this wreath!

The snowflakes are level in this sealed cone-shaped ornament, upside down and upside down.


“It turns out that the bricks are not cracking because the building is old.”

You’ve probably seen this many times and attributed it to the age of the building, but this is what actually happens when you use concrete instead of lime mortar. Concrete is harder than brick, so if the building moves even slightly, the brick will crack.


This is what happens when you park on top of Mount Washington.


Mount Washington is famous for its rapidly changing weather, and for many years held the record for the highest wind speed.

This happens when wood is burned at high voltage:

“My glass measuring cup melted in the microwave.”

This 100-year-old perfume bottle glows under UV light.

“The crack in my bedroom window has turned into a pinhole camera.”

“I had some kind of crystals growing on my brand new, never-used glue.”

Apparently, you can’t mix Coke Zero and Fanta.


“Both my bulbs burned out – one turned white and the other black.”

“My girlfriend dropped her phone and the magnet on the case picked up some iron from the sand.”

This laminated sheet of paper has turned into a bag full of water.

“I stood for a while and watched the sun rise, the shadows move and the frozen shapes gradually disappear.”


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