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12 stars who dared to abandon old-fashioned ideas of feminine beauty


Social norms have always encouraged women to maintain their soft image. Despite this, some celebrities have decided to break all stereotypes against women and show off their underarm hair or even have a more muscular body. Women empowering other women is exactly what we need!

We have always encouraged women to break the rules and be themselves, and these role models are doing just that.

1. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez showed off her incredible muscles and said she feels like Superwoman. By posting this picture of her athletic physique, Jennifer continues to break stereotypes, proving that you can be feminine and muscular too!

2. Britney Spears

Body hair is natural and no one should be ashamed of it. And that’s exactly what Britney Spears said in 2003. She walked down the red carpet at the American Music Awards with a big smile on her face, showing everyone that our bodies are beautiful, no matter what they look like.

3. Lizzo


Lizzo’s songs have always been about body positivity, so it’s no wonder that she has been interviewed in support of the body positivity movement. He supports everyone because “inclusion is what my message has always been about,” he says.

4. Lady Gaga

Besides her music, Lady Gaga is known for her eccentric and unusual outfits. Given that women are generally expected to wear soft and form-fitting clothes, Gaga opts for unusual outfits over more feminine ones, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

5. Serena Williams

As an incredible and strong tennis player, Serena’s work clearly shows on her body. Like many girls, she believed that being different was a negative, something to be ashamed of.

“As I grew up, what was different was celebrated. Venus looked more like what was really acceptable: incredibly long legs, very, very thin,” she says. Now she’s grateful for her body, and that evolution is what we love to see in women.

6 Ashley Graham


Ashley made history as a plus size model, the first to be featured on the cover of a sports magazine. She has also walked the runways of many designers. Society says models should be slim, but to see a plus size model on so many catwalks definitely inspires other women to love their bodies!

7. Tess Holiday

Like Ashley, Tess Holiday was the first size 52 supermodel. We think this kind of representation in the media is what we women need.

“I have a passion to help other women feel confident and comfortable in their bodies, regardless of their size or what society thinks is beautiful. It’s like a vocation,” she says.

8. Sophia Loren



Sophia was famous for her acceptance of her body hair. In a 1955 photo shoot in Italy, she even posed with her arms raised, revealing her underarm hair. It was certainly a bold move for the times. But she didn’t let that stop her, she owned her body and did it flawlessly.

9 Amy Schumer

Amy received a lot of backlash after the release of her film Too Sexy Girl. She was quick to respond to some of the comments about her role, stating, “It’s not about an ugly troll being beautiful, it’s about a woman with low self-esteem finding something. Everyone has the right to feel that way, regardless of their looks. We all struggle with self-esteem. I certainly…”

In reality, the film is about a woman who finds it hard to find herself beautiful, but in the end finds herself beautiful nonetheless. It’s really inspiring!

10. Simone Biles


An incredibly talented and strong gymnast, Simone’s body certainly looks the part. Years of training are definitely reflected in her appearance, she is more muscular. “I haven’t struggled with weight problems. It was more just my body image, because I didn’t look like the other kids in my class. I looked more like the boys,” she explains.

But like a strong woman, Simone loved her body just the way it is: strong and beautiful. She says, “Muscles are beauty, and I think people are starting to realise that you can be muscular and feminine and beautiful at the same time,” and we couldn’t agree more.

11. Madonna 

Over the years Madonna has certainly done her bit to encourage women to dress how they feel. From her ’80s punk rock outfits to her ’90s style, she was clearly a style icon. Some of his outfits are still the cornerstone of old fashion!

12. Aidy Bryant


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