Although it’s been at least thirteen years since the last in the series, we’re still stuck with it. But here are some interesting facts that may be new to even the biggest fans!

We’ve found some details you might not have noticed before.

For some reason, the famously-named sofa was always waiting for our heroes.

Ever wondered why the company’s favourite orange sofa with coffee was never taken? If you look closely in the first few episodes, you’ll see the “Occupied” sign. Later it disappears, but that could be explained by the fact that regulars don’t need a permanent reservation.

Monica introduces Rachel to Chandler as if they had never met.



You will remember that there was a part where they went back in time. It tells us, without a doubt, that Chandler, Ross, Rachel and Monica have known each other for years, having gone to school together. Yet, when Rachel shows up at the cafe in her wedding dress, Monica introduces her to Chandler as if they don’t know each other.

Monica had a special jar

Monica was always very demanding. When she worked at Alesandro’s she had a special little jar that she had to put a dollar in every time she yelled at someone. Apparently she could yell a lot…

The secret kitchen window


You’ve all seen the window in Monica’s kitchen, but you may not have noticed that sometimes the view is different. Sometimes a brick wall, sometimes a nearby building… We loved this apartment, but there was something creepy about it.

Once they changed all the names in the headline

When Courtney Cox got married during the filming of the sixth season, they added the Arquette name after each of their names to congratulate the newlyweds.

Ross has two birthdays

While the others aged, Ross didn’t have a birthday for three seasons. He turned 29 in seasons three, four and five. In addition, Dr. Geller says Ross was born in December. Then, a little later, Ross complains that his birthday is October 18. So, we’re left with the conclusion that this is all about Unagi.

Good friends never laugh at Chandler’s jokes.

Everybody loves Chandler’s jokes and sarcastic humour. Except his best friends. There is only one logical explanation for this, and that is that maybe the director didn’t always want to interrupt the filming because Chandler says something funny and everyone starts laughing. That’s not fair, because Chandler really is the funniest.

The nurse and Joey’s agent are the same person


Remember Estelle Leonard, Joey’s agent? And did you know she was the nurse when Ross’s son Ben was born?

Unusual camera angles

In the scene where Chandler tries to find out the secret of Monica’s secret closet, we finally see the fourth wall of Monica’s apartment. We’ve never seen it from this angle before.

Wedding dresses


Remember the part where Monica gets Emily’s wedding dress and finally tries it on with her friend, who, by the way, are also wearing wedding dresses? We don’t know why, but at the wedding Emily wears a completely different dress. Moreover, if you look closely, Rachel’s dress seems to be different from the one she wore in the first season when she left her fiancé at the altar.

Courtney Cox was expecting a baby in the last episode.

When it was revealed that Lisa Kudrow was expecting, they simply rewrote the script and voila, Phoebe was pregnant. But when Courtney Cox was blessed, things were a little more difficult, because by then it was a foregone conclusion that Monica and Chandler couldn’t have a baby and were adopting twins. Although care was taken to ensure that Monica wore clothes that covered her tummy, there were scenes where it was noticeable.

There are interesting notes on Joey and Chandler’s front door.

Over the course of the series, Joey and Chandler’s front door has carried many funny messages. For example, when Chandler and Monica admitted they were dating, a cute drawing with their initials appeared on the sign.




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