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12 brave people who decided to tackle their insecurities


99% of people remember the first time they experienced uncertainty and all the details of where and how it happened. Most of our insecurities develop at a very young age. But just because we grow up with them doesn’t mean they will leave their mark on our lives forever. Accepting our differences is the big step to overcoming our fears, and these people here show us that self-love always wins in the end.

1. “I never liked the way I looked, but on my prom night I felt like a princess.”

2. “A childhood friend of mine got married yesterday. She is 5’5″ and has accepted her height all these years.”

3. “2019 vs 2021. I wanted to be an actress since I was very young. 2 weeks ago I decided to start following my dream. Tomorrow is my first paid role.”

4. “Left picture 136 kilos, right picture 77 kilos! I feel so much better!”


5. “As my confidence has grown immeasurably after my acne completely disappeared.”

6. “I’ve lost 27 kilos and finally feel like myself again, my confidence is back and I feel like I’ve achieved something!”

7. “I never thought I would have the confidence to wear this dress, and in public!”


8. I don’t mind being skinny anymore. The beach was one of my least favourite places in the past because of my insecurities.”

9. “I used to have self-consciousness issues because of my crooked teeth, but I’m glad I now have a smile that makes me happy.”

10. “Today, I decided to post this bare-faced photo instead of using a filter, and I actually liked the way I looked without it.”

11. “This is my second attempt at wearing this top. The first time I went back and changed. I felt much better in it today. I am proud of myself and my slightly growing confidence.”

12. “My fiancé got his teeth done today, which gave him a little confidence boost. Now he can’t stop smiling.”


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