To avoid torturing ourselves with strict diets, modern nutritionists recommend eating healthy foods and exercising. Experts have also produced tables and product lists based on their nutritional properties. We all know that white bread, fried foods, sweets and soft drinks are forbidden, but there are actually several products that are on the list of forbidden foods.

We were surprised to learn that some products can actually be harmful. And the most unexpected bonus.

10 Sweet yoghurts

Nutritious dairy products are not sweet. Yes, yoghurt is very good for your body, but it’s better consumed without sugar or fruit additives. A sweet yogurt can be a dessert, but it is not a necessary dairy product.

Nutritionists recommend avoiding dairy products containing thickeners and starches. Instead, add some fresh berries, spices and vanilla extract to your natural yoghurt.

9. Rice

It is said that rice is almost like bread and nutritionally, white rice is the least beneficial. It contains high amounts of simple carbohydrates which can cause weight gain.


Nutritionists say that rice can be good for us, but it has to be of very high quality.

8. Parsley

Parsley can actually be harmful. Inexperienced cooks should not add it to salads and douse it with mayonnaise, sour cream or oil, as parsley releases nitrites and literally turns into poison within 30 minutes.

Nutritionists recommend not adding parsley to food until just before serving to preserve all the beneficial elements.

7. Sauces


Ever notice how different homemade tomato puree is from store-bought ketchup? Mayonnaise, tartar, mustard and other sauces are no exception to the rule. The fact is, all store-bought sauces contain sugar.

Nutritionists explain: it is cheaper to add sugar instead of natural tomatoes to enrich the taste. We recommend choosing olive or flaxseed oil, or chop the tomatoes yourself and season them.

6. Dried fruit and fruit crisps

Fruit crisps are becoming increasingly popular with healthy eaters, but most manufacturers use the same method to make them as they do for potato crisps: frying them in oil. In this way, fruit or vegetable crisps contain the same number of calories as potato crisps.

These chips usually look good and taste good thanks to the chemical processing they go through before drying. In addition, this process extends the shelf life of the product by almost three times. Unfortunately, after processing, these fruits and vegetables are not at all useful or healthy.

Before buying dried fruits, note their bright colour, unnatural shine, softness or smell. These are processing characteristics. If fruits are dried, they will not be bright or soft.

5. Grapes

It may seem strange, but grapes are not so healthy. Because of their sweetness, we eat a whole bunch in one sitting, causing our bodies to get too much sugar at once.

Nutritionists say it is wise to mix grapes with other products. They should not be eaten with fatty foods, fish, fresh cucumber, melon, beer or milk.


4. Poorly cooked fish

Fish is almost free of all harmful fats and contains beneficial fats such as omega-3 fatty acids. Scientists at the University of Hawaii studied the chemical structure of the most popular fish dishes and concluded that fish that is boiled or baked contains the highest amount of beneficial substances. American cardiologists claim that fish fried in oil, smoked and salted is actually harmful.

3. Maize

After many different studies, scientists have concluded that modified maize affects terrestrial and aquatic organisms. They also found that pollen from modified maize contains harmful toxins. In many countries this type of maize is banned.

It is not recommended to eat canned corn or other canned products. It is better to cook or bake it to preserve the beneficial elements.

2. Nut milk

Almond, coconut or Brazil nut milk contains added sugars and flavourings and of course extra calories. So, know all the ingredients before buying a product. It might be even better to buy your milk from organic shops.

1. Rice cutlet

Rice slices are included in many diets because they contain almost no fat. A few years ago, even popular magazines recommended rice slices as a substitute for bread.

Unfortunately, rice bars have a high glycaemic index, so you feel hungry very soon after eating them. As a result, you can eat more calories than you should and gain weight.

Bonus: Eating too many avocados is also harmful.

Today, supermarkets offer a variety of avocados, and nutritionists claim they are very healthy. But we should mention that they contain a lot of calories: 10 dkg of avocados contain 245 calories. So it is not recommended to eat too much.

Remember that only raw avocados contain all the useful elements. They are less useful after heat treatment. Eating too much avocado can reduce the effect of anti-inflammatory drugs and can also reduce red blood cell levels.

Do you consume these products? Are you ready to reduce the amount of them in your diet?


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