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10 tips to make your hair healthier and more beautiful


Well-groomed and healthy hair is not just about good genes, but also about everyday care. Even if you won’t see results the day after you start your treatments, chances are good that you’ll see a difference after several months of active hair care. However, hair care must be done with care and there are certain things you must adhere to. We decided to find out what tips and tricks can help you keep your hair looking beautiful even after a long beach holiday!


It may sound like a magic formula, but even with the best hair oils, it’s all about the right application. Don’t apply directly to the roots as it will make your hair heavier – just apply to the ends. One way to use the oil is to apply it to your hair before washing, tie your hair back and don’t wet it for a while – the hot steam will work with the oil to make your hair healthier and softer.


Many people apply a hair conditioner all over their hair, rubbing it thoroughly into the scalp. This is also a mistake. Like oil, it is not for the scalp, but for the ends of the hair. It is best to apply it to the ends of the hair. It’s important to wash your hair thoroughly afterwards to make sure it’s really clean.

Hair bands


It’s also important to choose the right headband, especially if you have long hair, because you need to use it every day. It is better to choose fabric options instead of plastic. Silk accessories are particularly good. They are more expensive, but worth it because silk elastics are extremely gentle on the hair, prevent tangles and minimise the knots that always occur when you remove the elastics after a day of wearing them.

Swim cap

Don’t forget to wear a swim cap when you visit a swimming pool or water park (even if it doesn’t contribute to your aesthetic appearance). Highly chlorinated water can irritate your hair. Moreover, when swimming, hair develops additional resistance to the water. Make sure the cap fits your head well and doesn’t cause too much pressure.

SPF products


It’s also worth adding extra moisturising to your hair care routine during the summer months (for example, using a leave-in conditioner at night). Also, look out for hair care products that contain an SPF ingredient – this will help to keep your hair protected from the sun’s rays. However, if you’re in a place where there’s no shade, it’s better to wear a hat.

Use a wide-tooth comb

Brush wet hair with a wide-tooth comb. Immediately after washing, hair is more prone to damage than usual, so it’s important to take care of it at this time. The wide-tooth comb gently untangles wet hair and evenly distributes any product.


Another important trick for caring for wet hair is to use the right towel. Get a microfiber towel. An ordinary towel made of coarse material can really tangle your hair, especially if it’s long. Make sure to dry your hair gently with the towel – don’t rub it, but towel dry from roots to ends.

Hair dryer

One of the most important rules when using a hairdryer is to air dry your hair naturally first (and with a towel). The drier your hair is before use, the better. This will prevent the ends of your hair from drying out. Also, don’t neglect the nozzles on your blow dryer, especially the ones with flat edges – using them will make the whole process less ‘traumatic’ for your hair.

Heat protection


This is another part of hair care that many people skip, thinking it’s not important. If you use heat-protecting sprays while blow-drying and styling, you can prevent drying and split ends, as well as protect shiny and brittle hair. The key is to choose the right product. If you’re going to heat your hair straightener to 480°F, the product you use should be made to withstand that heat and still protect the hair.


The easiest way to comb the hair is to start at the ends, not the roots, and work your way up gradually. If your hair is thick or your curls often tangle, don’t neglect to use the hairspray recommended for combing – it can help untangle tangles. When untangling hair, try to avoid pulling on the roots. And of course, keep your comb as clean as possible.


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